Transitioning From Dorm Life To Apartment Life

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Remember how excited you were when the time came to move away for your freshman year of college? For the first time, you were able to live on your own, or at the very least with a roommate, in the dorms. This was the perfect chance to make tons of new friends and take part in even more great activities to show your school pride. But after a year or two in the dorms, you might notice that you are outgrowing the confines of a small 10×10 room.

When the time comes that you move past your days in the dorms, a great place to move is into an apartment. After all, an apartment provides similar living conditions to that of the dorms. You’ll be around plenty of other people that you can spend time with, have amenities that you can enjoy while living on the grounds, and all of the maintenance and other tedious stuff will be taken care of so you can spend your time in the books studying.

While living in an apartment is an easy transition from the dorms, it still takes some adjustment to get used to. Therefore, here are some tips for transitioning from dorm life to apartment life, which will help you with the move.

Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute

Everyone knows that college students can procrastinate. But if you are looking to get into the best apartment possible, then it’s imperative that you start looking for apartments early. Keep in mind that apartments in a college town will fill up quickly, which means you may have to start looking as early as a semester before you plan on moving. Even though looking for an apartment may take time away from your studies, it’ll help you get into a new place next semester that will make for a great upcoming year.

Girl-Sitting-on-CouchLive With A Friend

Want to move out of the dorms, but still not interested in living completely on your own? If that’s the case, then consider living with a friend or roommate when transitioning into your first apartment. Going from having roommates and suitemates in the dorms to living completely on your own can be a bit of a shock at first. Some people feel more safe and secure living with roommates, and it also offers additional friendship as well. You can bring down your monthly expenses, while also making memories that’ll last a lifetime, by choosing to live with someone else.

Get The Necessities

The items that you purchase for your first apartment could potentially last you for years as you get older and move into different places. Therefore, when purchasing the necessities, such as a bedroom or living room furnishings, consider investing in the future. Instead of getting cheap items that you know will break or damage quickly, invest in those that are made from more durable and longer-lasting material. This may cost more up front, but you’ll save plenty as you move into your next apartment in the future.

Apartment living and dorm living are very similar. That said, keep this insight in mind for a smooth transition from dorm life to apartment life.

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