Tips to Save Money on Your Monthly Cable and Internet Bill

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There’s no getting around it – if you want the most up-to-date entertainment in your home, you’re going to have to pay for it. But, if you’re a little smart about how you use your cable and internet, and you can adjust your packages accordingly, you can cut down on the amount you have to pay each month. Consider these ways of cutting down your cable and internet bill.

Evaluate Your Viewing and Usage Habits

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through channels that never seem to have anything good on them? You might be paying for them. Or, there might be HD content or a DVR service that’s also being thrown onto your bill, even if you have no need for them. Take a few minutes to see what you use and don’t use, and try to get these cut out of your service.

As for your internet bill, you might also be overpaying for stuff you don’t need. Most importantly, you want to see how your monthly internet usage stacks up to your data cap. There are a few ways to track your internet usage so you can see if you’re paying for more data than you use. Another thing to note: your internet service provider might be tacking on extra fees for features that you don’t use, such as an e-mail address or unneeded security measures. Check your monthly bill to make sure you’re not getting charged for anything you don’t want.

Switch Companies

After doing the above, you might find that your current package doesn’t fit your needs for the price you’re paying, and your service provider might not be able to cut out some of the things you don’t need. In this case, another company might have a better package for you. They might even have incentives to try to get you to join their service, saving you even more money.

Remember that if you notify your current company that you’re cancelling your service, they may offer to cut your monthly rate to keep you on as a customer. Of course, some people take advantage of this with no real intention of ending their service. If you choose to do this, make sure they don’t call your bluff!

Cut the Cord

“Cutting the cord” is a pretty new craze that makes sense in this increasingly on-demand world. The reasoning is that rather than rely on cable to show you programs at a certain time, the programs are available to you whenever you want. While the television networks were a little slow to catch on, you can now get most of them streaming to a set-top device such as a Roku or a plug-in stick like the Amazon Fire.

The catch is that even though you’re cutting out your cable subscription, you’re still paying a subscription fee to Netflix, Hulu, or whatever other services you might want to catch the programs you love. Plus, you’ll need a bigger internet package to handle a greater load of data. Does it work out to be cheaper than your cable bill? It’ll depend on the price of your bill and what services you need to subscribe to, so you might want to bust a calculator for yourself.

Go Cable and Internet-Free

Yes, it sounds crazy. But imagine this: for decades–nay, centuries!–people have been making do without cable and internet. While it’s true that we rely on cable and internet much more than ever, how much of that reliance is necessary? Chances are, you can do it too.

If you need entertainment, you can always visit the library for both books and DVDs. While it’s important that you stay connected with friends and family, you could do this with a single phone bill and limited usage. It might be tough, but after a while, you’ll probably get used to it. Though, is that really worth saving a hundred dollars each month? The answer is up to you.

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  • Sarah Smith

    I’m currently paying for cable and the internet and want to cut down on the cost. Thanks for the advice about going to the services that you are paying for and making some cuts. Another thing to do is if you are paying for cable and the internet separate you might be able to get a deal if you combine the two.

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