Tips For Apartment Living With Dogs

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Whether you have a large full-grown dog or a small puppy, moving to an apartment will cause for some lifestyle changes if you plan on bringing your four-legged friends with you. If you’re like us and it’s unimaginable to consider living without your dog, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips for apartment living with dogs, no matter their size or breed.

Have Designated Areas 

There are some places in your apartment that you may not want your dog to go. There may be other places where you only want it to go to the bathroom. Or you may expect your dog to stay in a room while you are away at work for the day. Whatever the case may be, having designated areas in your apartment will help to give your dog the routine it needs to live a healthy lifestyle. If you let your dog run wild in your apartment, there is a good chance you’ll end up having a large chunk of your pet deposit taken out if they make a mess of things. You can avoid all of this by simply having designated areas in your apartment that your dog gets used to using.

English-Bulldog-PuppyBe Sure To Get Plenty Of Outdoor Time

Another way to keep your dog happy living in an apartment is going to be by ensuring that it gets plenty of outdoor time. This begins as you start the apartment search if you are a pet owner, so keep this in mind early. It’s ideal to live next to parks or in areas that are accommodating for dogs, as this will help you and your best friend enjoy your new apartment.

Be Considerate of Others

You don’t want to be the neighbor that everyone dislikes. To ensure that doesn’t happen, don’t let your dog defecate all over the balcony. If this is the designated bathroom area, then be sure to clean it up quickly thereafter. Nobody wants to live in an area that smells bad or has visual feces on the ground, so be respectful of your dogs bathroom usage.

Follow The Rules

If you don’t clean up after your dog, then you may soon feel the wrath of your apartment complex HOA. Many complexes have rules regarding your dog, so be sure that you are aware of all of these before you make a move.

Be Realistic

You may have a dog that you’ve lived with for years, and the thought of separating from them is unimaginable. However, it’s important to be realistic with your dog as well. If you have an oversized dog, don’t try and bring them into a small apartment. Or if you need a dog that barks all day long while you are at work, then consider how this can anger your neighbors. It may be a challenge, but being realistic with your dog will ensure that everyone in your apartment is happy.

If you plan on bringing your dog to your next apartment, it’s important to consider the tips mentioned here. In doing so, you’ll keep everyone as happy as possible.

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