The Best Stores To Shop For Apartment Decorating

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Finding the best decorations and furnishing for your apartment can be a challenge. Not only is it difficult to find the perfect items that really bring out your personality, but costs can add up quickly when you start furnishing the entire apartment. Luckily, there are some great places to shop that will help you find everything you’re looking for, while also keeping prices within reason.

These are the best stores to shop for apartment decorating, with an emphasis on physical stores. After all, it’s much easier for you to see what you’re buying in person, rather than be disappointed after ordering online.

They include:


It’s hard to argue that there is any home furnishings store more popular than Ikea. Not only do they offer tons of items that look great in your place, but they also emphasize making furnishings that won’t clutter up your home. Ikea also offers relatively comparative prices, so you can rest assured knowing that you aren’t overpaying for new additions to your place. Overall, Ikea is likely your first place to stop when furnishing your new apartment.

Ashley Furniture

Furniture-ShoppingIf available in your town, then Ashley Furniture is also worth visiting. Prices are a bit higher than what you might expect to see at Ikea, but the quality is worth it. Here at Ashley, you’ll find everything you need to furnish your entire home. From wooden kitchen tables to incredibly comfortable beds, Ashley Furniture has a long list of furnishings that will look great in your home.


Williams-Sonoma is the head brand for a handful of smaller companies like Pottery Barn and West Elm. Known for their emphasis on culinary goodies, outfit your entire kitchen with items from Williams-Sonoma. And if you aren’t sure how to use the unique item that you just purchased, you’ll be happy to know that Williams-Sonoma also offers classes that will probably instruct you. Williams-Sonoma is a great place to go to meet others who are looking to get the creative juices flowing as they furnish their homes.

Pier 1 Imports

The prices are higher than most other locations on this list, but don’t forget Pier 1 Imports as you furnish your home. It’s here that you’ll find some truly beautiful and unique pieces that will be the focal point of your apartment. At Pier 1 Imports, you’re investing in furnishings that you hope to have for years to come, which is why it’s worth visiting as you look to add things to your home.

Wal-Mart & Target

You’re on a budget and none of these other places are within close driving distance. If that’s the case, you aren’t out of luck. Big box chains like Wal-Mart and Target also have options for furnishing your home. Keep in mind that your options may be limited and the workmanship may not be as high as others on this list, but you can still find cute furnishings for your apartment at stores like these.

Hop in the car and get ready to make your home look great, as these are the best stores to shop for apartment decorating.

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