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You’ve gone down your list, and checked off everyone for the “big” gift. But what about those little stocking stuffers? Often times the stockings are the last items on the Christmas shopping list, but they can be just as thoughtful and fun, while not breaking the bank.

All-in-one Golf Club Cleaner: $25

Do you have an avid golfer in your life? One of the pesky chores of golfing is keeping the clubs looking like new. Instead of having multiple tools to lug around in your golf bag, get this all-in-one tool to remove grass and dirt from those 9-irons, drivers, and putters. A clean club can improve your golf game to keep you on par.

Pooch Selfie: $13

Are you struggling to get your furry friend to look at the camera for the perfect selfie? Attach the Pooch Selfie to the top of your smartphone to get your dog’s attention. It’s a clip that perfectly holds a tennis ball about the camera. He’ll be fixated on the tennis ball, and you’ll get the best doggie selfie ever. With 4.5 stars and over 275 reviews, there must be something to it!

State Slate Bottle Stopper: $10

Everyone has at least one wine-o in their life. Give your wine-drinker a beautiful bottle stopper in the shape of their home state. It’s a sweet way for them to reminisce about good times as they sip their favorite wine.

Rose Quartz Crystal Soap: $7

I’m sure you have plenty of people in your life that deserve mountains of jewels. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. But! You can surprise them with a handcrafted soap that looks exactly like the gems that they are. There’s everything from quartz to amethysts and everything in between. Add a custom fragrance to fit your someone special.

Praise Hands Pin: $12

Upgrade your grandmother’s brooches with this trendy emoji pin. She’ll love the extra glitter it brings to her Sunday best, and the kids will get a kick out of how hip she is..

Bonsai Tree Grow Kit: $10

Add some greenery indoors with a perfect little planter. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this step by step set makes growing your own Bonsai tree easier than ever. Everything that you need for your sapling to pop up is included in the kit. Just add water!

Mustachifier: $10

Do you know some new parents? Give mom and dad a good laugh with this Mustachifier pacifier. When the little one has the pacifier in his mouth, a plastic mustache will sit right above his upper lip. This will make little Johnny look extra hilarious with this manly facial hair. Beware: you’ll have to keep all of the lady babies away.

These can also make excellent little “thinking of you” gifts for co-workers, friends, and neighbors. Shopping for everyone in your life can be expensive and draining. Use these ideas to keep costs down and express your love. It’s that something extra that shows you care.

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