Sightseeing in Monroe Township/Williamstown

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You don’t have to go very far when you are in Monroe Township if you are looking for great sightseeing opportunities. Whether you are looking to make the perfect scrapbook to commemorate your time in Monroe Township, or if you are wanting to take a selfie of yourself with any of the historical landmarks nearby, this is the place to do it.

It might be difficult for you to narrow down your choices for the best sightseeing options in Monroe Township. Therefore, to better help you start with some of the better choices around town, here is a list to consider. While you are looking at some of these sights, you’ll be certain to meet others who are looking at the same sights you are, and who knows what stories you can share with one another about your time in Monroe Township.

SightseeingThompson Park

Thompson Park certainly has to be considered as one of the most enjoyable parks in all of Monroe Township. This sprawling park has something that everyone will be sure to enjoy. If you are coming just to take in the sights and enjoy a day in the sun, then there is plenty of pristine grass for you to lay out on. But if you are looking for more, then keep in mind that Thompson Park also offers a small lake and even a dog park. Children will enjoy the playground area where other kids congregate, and there are enough trails to keep you walking for miles. Thompson Park is often one of the biggest draws for those who are looking for great sights in Monroe Township.

Old Township Raceway Park

There have been some truly unforgettable moments in history at the Old Township Raceway Park. This outdoor track plays host to many different motocross and drag racing events, in addition to other monster truck and car shows. However, this park is about much more than just the smell of gasoline and the sound of engines revving. Instead, this is a historical park that has long been a part of the Monroe Township community. Racers come from far and wide to take part in races at Old Township Raceway Park, and Monroe Township is happy to welcome them with open arms every time they visit.

James Monroe Memorial Park

Monroe Township wouldn’t have a name if it wasn’t for former United States President James Monroe (Well, maybe it would, but it certainly wouldn’t be as memorable as what it is now). To pay homage to the former president, Monroe Township also has created the James Monroe Memorial Park. Along with plenty memorial markers around the park to commemorate President Monroe, this is also the local t-ball and baseball fields. Those that are looking to take in some history and also catch a game of youth sports will be sure to love the sightseeing options at James Monroe Memorial Park.

Monroe Township is a growing community located east of Trenton, New Jersey. What was once considered to be a central farming town, Monroe Township has grown into an influential suburb in the state. And with plenty of sights to see, this area offers just as much historical charm as it does modern convenience.


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