Resources for Finding (and Interviewing) A Roommate

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There are so many great benefits to living with a roommate. Maybe you just moved to town and are looking for a friend. In that case, living with a roommate can be a great opportunity to get to know your area better. Either way, this is someone you’ll be signing a lease with, so it’s good to be mindful of who you choose. Be thorough in your search and ask good questions before signing the lease.

Finding A Roommate

You can find several roommate matching services. It’s like a homelisting, but for people who are looking for a roommate. You can make a post about needing a roommate and set some of your parameters upfront. Some great roommate-hunting services include Roommates, RoomieMatch and PadMapper.

What Questions To Ask

  1. How often do you clean? Are there any chores that you absolutely hate/love? If you hate vacuuming, and they love it, then it’s a match made in heaven. You can see if you’re compatible in your cleaning habits. If you aren’t, is it something you are willing to live with? Are you able to live with a few messes around the house, or are you ok with stepping up your cleanliness game?
  2. What do you like to do with free time? This can help you figure out who they are as a person. Do they love going to concerts or do they like to make miniature model cars? This can tell you about their personality and likes and dislikes. You can figure out if you have any similarities that you can bond over.
  3. Are you a homebody or someone out on the town? If you enjoy having some time to yourself with no one around, then a homebody might drive you a little crazy. At the same token, if you are looking for someone to netflix binge the night away, then maybe you’re looking for someone who is happy being at home.
  4. Do you enjoy entertaining guests? This is a big one. If you don’t enjoy sharing your space with one person, then it’s going to get even more difficult when they have several people over often. It can be emotionally draining on someone.
  5. What are you feelings on pets? See if they currently have any pets or if they are looking to get a pet any time soon. See if they are allergic to any pet dander if you own a pet.
  6. Do you smoke? This may or may not be an issue with you, but it’s worth the ask. It can tell you what their lifestyle is like. Are they a health nut, or do they like their vices?
  7. Do you have dietary limitations? If you are a vegan, then things can become complicated if your roommate constantly is cooking up steaks. See if there are any other health food related issues they may have like gluten sensitivity or food allergies.

Get references on potential roommates, research where they work to make sure they will be consistent on pay, look at their credit score, and do a background check. It may seem like overkill, but you want to trust the person you are opening up your home to. You may become friends at some point, but in the beginning there’s nothing wrong with being firm yet polite about what you want in a roommate.

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