Pool Accessories That Are Worth Your Money

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Want to spruce up the fun that you’re having at the pool this summer? If so, then you’ll want to have plenty of toys that go along with the sunscreen and swim trunks in your pool bag.

Unfortunately, not all pool toys are worth the money that you spend on them. Either because you won’t end up using them nearly as much as you think or simply because they are made from inferior quality, we want to help you avoid these buying mistakes. Therefore, here are some of the best pool accessories that are worth your money.

Toypedo Bandits

Everyone loves Toypedo Bandits. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve probably seen them in the pool. These little rockets are loaded heavily in the front, which makes them perfect for sending through the water at high speeds. Toypedo Bandits are an inexpensive, yet fun, set of pool toys that your kids and their friends will be sure to enjoy.

Intex Underwater Fun Rings

Pool-ToysThere are a lot of water rings out there, which is why we recommend Intex as the best option for your summer days at the pool. These rings are heavy, so they’ll easily fall to the bottom of the pool. They are also made from a durable long-lasting material that will be a worthy investment. Whether you are teaching your children to swim, or you simply want to add some toys to your pool bag, Intex Underwater Fun Rings are the way to go.

FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin

This is the sort of toy that you wish you had in your pool bag when you were a child, which is why your kid will love you for having it in theirs. This mermaid fin can be strapped to your children’s feet, make it easier for them to swim. What’s great is that this swim fin will also help to build leg strength, but your child won’t even realize they are getting in a great workout. The FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin is a ton of fun and a worthy investment for a pool toy.

Noodle Chair

Parents deserve to have a bit of fun while they are at the pool, too. You’re in luck if you have a Noodle Chair with you at the pool. This toy can be sat in, making it easy to soak up the sun while staying cool in the pool. Your kids will be asking to get in, but the Noodle Chair is an awesome pool toy for you to enjoy for yourself.

Intex Inflatable Water Slide

You’ll be the parent that everyone loves if you have this pool toy with you this summer. Even though the Intex Inflatable Water Slide may not be feasible for just your average day at the pool, it’s a rocking option for your home pool.

Make your day at the pool even more enjoyable with some awesome toys that the whole family will be sure to love. With the options on this list, you’ll be sure to have some extra fun in the sun, while also improving your swim skills while in the pool.

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