Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

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 If you’re like most people, and you’ve been trying to get in shape for the summer, to impress your ex, or just to feel better about yourself and get to a healthier version of you, then chances are you’ve tried every trick in the book. From changing your diet, to exercising more, to trying new trends and fads in the health and fitness industry, it can all be a little overwhelming. You’ve probably heard of celebrities and fitness enthusiasts having a personal trainer, but never considered it for yourself. It may seem out of the question at first, but what if having a personal trainer could actually help you finally get into shape? Let’s break down how you can determine whether or not a personal trainer is right for you.


Debunking the myths of personal trainers. First, you should know that just having a personal trainer won’t suddenly change your entire life for you. You won’t magically get into the best shape of your life, and no personal trainer can do the hard work for you. It’s easy to look at the glowing, bikini-clad celebrities on magazines and say, “well, they have a personal trainer, so that’s why they look that good.” Wrong. A personal trainer will not be able to do those 30 pull-ups for you, or push through the pain and finish those 10 lunges. A personal trainer is there simply to educate you on the best workout regime that can help get you the body you want, but not to hold your hand and make sure you reach your goals. At the end of the day, you and you alone must be willing to put in the time and effort in order to achieve those goals.


Be willing to work hard. Many people perceive having a personal trainer as having someone whom you can blame or attribute your own personal success, which simply isn’t the case. Having a personal trainer doesn’t mean you can let go of self-discipline and rely on someone else to encourage, motivate, or inspire you. Ultimately, you must be willing to get out of bed, throw on those shoes, and get yourself to the gym. If you’re able to do these things without relying on someone else to blame, get angry with, or deflect other emotion on, then you may have a great experience working with a personal trainer. Seeing results or not seeing results is not usually a reflection of a trainer, but rather, a reflection of the commitment you’ve put in yourself.


Ask “Can I handle working with a tough personal trainer?” Working with the wrong personal trainer is just as bad as not having one. It’s a fact of life: not everybody will get along with every person they meet. Finding the right personal trainer can mean the difference between enjoying your time at the gym and absolutely dreading it. If you do decide to hire a personal trainer, it will be important to find one whose personality does not clash too heavily with yours. You want to find a professional who will be tough enough to get you to push past your limits, but not one who will disregard your skills, goals, or personal level of experience. If you don’t believe you can handle a bit of criticism or intensity, then working with a personal trainer may not be for you.


If you firmly believe that hard work pays off, and you’re willing to put in the time, effort, and self-discipline necessary for achieving your fitness goals, then hiring a personal trainer may be just what you need to get yourself on track. However, if you’re a hard-headed individual who finds it difficult to listen to authority or take criticism, then it’s possible that working with a personal trainer may be just downright frustrating. It may be a good idea to shop around for the perfect personal trainer for you, and realize that at the end of the day, you and you alone are the reason you’re able to reach your goals.

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