Motivating Yourself Without Really Trying

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Sometimes, it’s hard to feel that you’re really giving it your all. This can be frustrating if you have goals, whether at home or at work, that aren’t getting met despite your best wishes. In today’s world of distractions, finding the motivation to complete something is tough, especially if you’re busy. Unfortunately, many people fall back on poor – or worse, unhealthy – methods to motivate themselves. What’s worse is that sometimes these motivational methods take just as much effort as the task you’re actually trying to achieve! Here are some ways that you can motivate yourself with little effort.

Get Passionate About What You Need To Do

First of all, what’s causing your lack of motivation? Chances are that you’re either overwhelmed by what you perceive is a lot to do or, on the other hand, you just don’t care very much. Either way, you first need to get yourself into a positive mindset, one that convinces you that you can successfully carry out everything you want to do. Perhaps you can do this yourself, but maybe you need to watch some motivational videos of your personal heroes. Whatever you do, make sure that you get rid of that negative voice in the back of your mind.

Just Do It

Self-MotivationUndoubtedly, the worst part of doing something is whatever leads up to the actual task. How many times have you procrastinated something, only to find that once you got to your task, it was easier than you’d imagined? Naturally, we worry ourselves and make mountains out of molehills, so to speak. Even if you really do have a mountain of work ahead of you, there are a few ways to trick your mind into being OK with the work.

Break Your Work Up Into Manageable Pieces

This simple little trick takes almost no time to do and makes your work so much more manageable and achievable. Simply break up your tasks into small subtasks and focus on working for set amounts of time. Think of it this way: when you’re eating a banana, you don’t eat the entire fruit in one gulp, do you? Obviously, your work is not a piece of food, but the point still stands. If you don’t separate your work into bite-sized chunks, you’ll choke.

Get Into the Habit

Once you’ve done what you need to do, and you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be surprised how quickly you pick it up. You might even wonder how you lacked the will to be this productive in the first place. By setting habits, you train yourself to carry out the tasks you need to do. Our minds are amazing machines, especially in how adaptable they are. If you have trouble sticking to your habits, keep a checklist or even download an app to help keep track of your daily – and longer-term – goals.

Finally, think of things this way: which makes you less happy, doing the things you want to accomplish, or the negative feelings you get from not achieving them? If your answer is the latter, then you know what you need to do!


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