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During the decade between 2000 and 2010, Monroe Township increased in population by over 11,000 people. The nearly 40% increase in population generated a much-needed demand for plenty of entertainment options in the area. That is why the Monroe Township has really exploded in the last decade as a great place for people to visit in New Jersey.

Whether you are looking for something to do with family, or if you want to enjoy Monroe Township by yourself, you’ll always have something to do. In fact, here are some of the best entertainment options in the area that you’ll be sure to have a great time with.

Sports Zone

For the last two centuries, sports and fitness has been engrained in the streets of Monroe Township. It was Monroe Township that former fitness guru, Bernarr Macfadden, set up his Physical Culture City camp back in 1905. And while the camp isn’t up and running anymore, you can still find plenty of entertaining things to do at Sports Zone. This facility is dedicated to being the premier facility for indoor sports in New Jersey. At Sports Zone, you can find soccer, flag football, and more. They also have birthday parties, which is great for the kiddos to enjoy. Sports Zone continues to demonstrate that physical fitness is a strong part of Monroe Township’s history, as it was when Mr. Macfadden set up camp over 100 years ago.

Monroe Community Center

If Sports Zone has too many kids running around for your liking, then instead you may want to head over to the Monroe Community Center to get in your physical fitness fix. You’ll be able to find a bevy of free weights, cardio equipment, and other indoor athletic facilities. In addition, there are sports leagues that go year-round on at the Monroe Community Center, so you can take part in getting physical with your closest friends or family.

Spa Zara

After getting in a great workout at the Monroe Community Center, then it’s time to head over to Spa Zara. This full service spa is dedicated to helping men and women relax in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. In addition to a variety of individual services, Spa Zara also offers parties and other events as well.

Long Live Paintball Field

Long Live Paintball Field has been a part of the Monroe community for some time now, and it remains one of the top places to run around with your friends. This field is massive, so you’ll have plenty of room to run around. And with both man-made and natural obstacles around the course, players will have to keep their eyes on the field just as much as they do their opponents.

Applegarth Golf Center

Grab your clubs and get ready to take in a great round at the Applegarth Golf Center. Considered to be premier golf course in Monroe Township, you and your friends will enjoy the challenging greens that are found here. There is also a driving range, so you can show up early and get in a few drives before you hit the course.

No matter what you come for, you’ll be sure to find entertainment options in Monroe Township, New Jersey.


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