Make Your Favorite Take-Out Dishes at Home

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After a busy day, it can be really easy to order take-out so that you have something delicious for dinner. But, it can be a big drain on your wallet. By the time you order your meal, pay a delivery fee and tip your driver – you’ve got quite an investment in your supper. 

favorite mealsBut, many of your favorite dishes are quite easy to make at home. And the great things about making your favorite take-out dishes at home is that you have control over the ingredients and it’s not going to break the bank. Here are a few popular take-out dishes and some recipes that will help you fix them at home.

Vegetable Lo Mein

Are you a fan of take-out Chinese food? Do you love some vegetable lo mein? Then try this recipe the next time you want some. The great thing about a vegetable lo mein is that you can easily switch up the vegetables to fit your taste. Don’t like bell peppers? Leave them out and add in broccoli or another vegetable that you prefer.

Butter Chicken

One of the most popular Indian dishes around the world is butter chicken. Made with a variety of Indian spices, marinated chicken, and, of course, butter, this dish is just plain delicious. And, while you may look at the long list of ingredients and think it’s too complicated for you to make at home – it really isn’t. Make it once, and you’ll wonder why you’ve never made it before!


While, yes, ramen is those little packages of noodles you lived on during college when you were low on money, it truly is much more than that – and definitely tastier. The broth is meant to be rich and full of flavor. It should have yummy toppings like pork and soft-boiled eggs. And, yes, you can easily make it at home. If you’re looking for a dish to warm you up – make your own ramen.

Salmon & Avocado Poke Bowl

Dinner in a bowl is very popular right now and poke bowls are at the top of the list. Made famous in Hawaii, poke bowls contain marinated pieces of fish and all sorts of other healthy ingredients. Like the vegetable lo mein, you can customize your poke bowl to fit your tastes, but if you’re a fan of salmon and avocado, then you need to give this recipe a try.

Pad Thai

Another very popular take-out dish is Pad Thai. This Thai stir fry can easily be made with shrimp, chicken, or as a vegetarian dish depending on your diet. Because it’s a stir fry, it’s quick to throw together and makes for a great weeknight dinner. And if someone in your home has a peanut allergy, you can easily omit the peanuts. It won’t hurt the flavor at all!

Bang Bang Shrimp

If you’re a fan of this creamy and spicy shrimp dish, you’ll love the homemade version. With only a few ingredients you can easily fix this dish at home. And, while it’s often served as an appetizer in restaurants, add a salad and some rice, and you’ll have a complete meal.

Chicken Fried Rice

One last dish to satisfy your craving for Chinese take-out food is Chicken Fried Rice. This recipe provides you with some great tips and, once again, feel free to substitute your favorite vegetables (or even protein) to make it fit your taste buds. 

The next time you’re thinking of ordering take-out, think about whether you can make the dish at home or not. You might be surprised by how good your homemade “take-out” is when you give one of these dishes a try.

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