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Beef aficionados living in Pennsylvania are going to love the amount of microbrew craft options available around the state. While there may not be the same amount of options like in the microbrew capital of the world, Colorado, Pennsylvanians are quickly adapting to the trend of craft beers. With so many different microbreweries sprouting up around town, it’s important to find the ones that are worth trying out. Not only do these specific beers emphasize what it takes to be a microbrew, but they also offer special highlights that come from the Pennsylvania roots.

Here’s a look at some of the best local craft beers to discover here in Monroe Township and throughout the rest of the state.

Church Brew Works – Pittsburgh

Where else would you expect to see a brewery that is located inside of an old church? It should come as no surprise that you’ll find this sort of blue collar infusion in Pittsburgh, as Church Brew Works is one of the most popular microbreweries in the city. The favorite here is a handcrafted German style Pilsner known as Bavarian Dunkel, which tastes great alongside a meal from the in-house restaurant. If you are looking for something new to try during Oktoberfest this year, Bavarian Dunkel is a unique option from an equally unique location.

Craft-BeersStraub Brewery – St. Mary’s

The Straub family has been brewing beer deep in the heart of Pennsylvania for quite some time now. What most people love about their Pennsylvania Wilds is that it doesn’t have any additional sugars or preservatives. Visit the brewery located in St. Marys and you’ll get a complimentary glass right from the original tap. Pennsylvania Wilds may become one of your favorite brews, and it comes from right here in the heart of Pennsylvania.

Tröegs Brewing – Hershey

Move over chocolate, there’s a new favorite in town. While Hershey needs no introduction to the desert world, there are now also a variety of delicious beers that comes from the region as well. Some of those favorites include Java Head Stout and Hopback Amber Ale, as well as the seasonal option, The Mad Elf. Come to Hershey for the chocolate, but don’t leave without stopping by Tröegs Brewing company for some equally delicious beer.

Yuengling Brewery – Pottsville

Yuengling is a true highlight of Pennsylvania. And while this brewery is now one of the most popular in the country, it started as a small microbrewery back in 1829. Over 185 years later, Yuengling Brewery is the oldest in the United States and it still remains a family owned business. Anyone who calls themselves a fan of beer needs to knock Yuengling Brewery off their bucket list when coming to Pennsylvania.

The local beer scene is exploding across America, and Pennsylvania is having it’s own impact. If you love your barley and hops, be sure to visit Pennsylvania for any multitude of microbrew options. No matter where you are or what your favorite pint is, you’re sure to find something you love with all of these local craft beers to discover.

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