Kid’s Halloween Party Tips

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Kids love dressing up and sweets, which means that Halloween is one of the best times of the year! There’s no better way to celebrate than a fun party with wonderful friends and family. To make your party unforgettable, we put together a few ideas to complete your Halloween themed party.


  1.    Grave Keeper Game: The kids will get a kick out of this game! Start with one child being named the Grave Keeper. All of the other kids are the zombies who are trying to come back to life! The Grave Keeper’s job will be to keep all of the other kids from standing all the way up and becoming full zombies. All of the zombies lie on the ground and slowly stand up. The Grave Keeper must tag the zombie before they stand all the way up to keep the town safe. Make sure each kid gets a chance to be the Grave Keeper to keep them all on their toes!
  2.    Pop! Goes the Pumpkin: Are you looking for something to add an extra bang to your party? Then amp up the fun with an interactive visual game. This is for kids who are 6 and older.
  3.     Start off by getting a foam board and covering it with your favorite pattern cloth. Then tape or hook it to the wall to secure it. Next, fill orange balloons with confetti and small candies, and blow them up. Tie off the balloons and tack the ends to the board in a pumpkin shape. You can add a green cut out of a stem at the top to complete the picture. Everyone will want a shot at popping as many balloons as possible.


  1.    Creepy drapes: Make an extra spooky entrance way with some simple cheesecloth drapes. Buy a few yards of cheap cheesecloth and cut it into strips. To give it a worn out look, cut holes in the fabric. You can even stain it with some black tea. Brew a quart of black tea, and dip the cheesecloth in the container for a few minutes to make the fabric look old and dirty. Then, attach a few adhesive hooks to the ceiling. Punch a few holes in the cloth and hang it wherever you like to add some extra spookiness to your party. It looks especially creepy over the doors and windows!
  2.    Egg-carton bats: Get the kids crafting at the party with this simple, but fun activity. Cut egg cartons into sections of 3, and paint them black with acrylic craft paint. Then, flip them upside down, and glue googly eyes on the middle section, and tie a string to the top to hang!


  1.    Cup o’ Dirt: This is a classic treat, but one that all kids love. Take some chocolate pudding and put several scoops into a clear plastic cup. Crush up some Oreos and mix the crumbles in, and have several chunks on top. To top it off, put a few gummy worms over the glass to make it look like real dirt. It’ll make the kids scream!
  2.    Mini Donut Spiders: Create some creepy crawlers that will have the adults sneaking a bite or two. Start with mini chocolate covered donuts, large pretzels, chocolate frosting, and some M&M’s. Break the pretzels in half, and remove the middle pieces to leave a half moon shape. Push 4 pieces into each side for 8 legs. Then, put some frosting in a sandwich bag and clip the corner. Pipe 2 dots of frosting out and place the M&M’s for the eyes. There you have it! A tasty treat that is scary good.

Kids will love all of the costumes and candies. The best part about the party will be all the memories that will be made. Happy Halloween!

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