How to Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter

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There’s surely a lot to enjoy about winter–the holidays and the snow, for example–but there’s at least one thing most people don’t like: the cold weather. Every season, we shut ourselves in our homes a little more frequently than usual, finding harbor from the chilly winds of winter. While we’re still not in the thick of the freezing temperatures, it’s not a bad idea to get a start on maximizing your home’s protection from the cold weather. Here are a few ways you can winterize your home.

Seal the Warm Air In

Before you can start thinking about heating your home, you need to be sure that it’s as airtight as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be more likely to face cold air seeping in and warm air escaping out, requiring you to blast the heat even more. Obviously, avoid keeping doors and windows open during bouts of cold weather, but even when you’ve got all openings shut, there’s still a chance air can get in. A well-maintained apartment should be well-insulated, but small leaks may still exist, especially around windows. If you know of any offending windows, consider purchasing a plastic window-insulating kit to put up over the windows during winter.

Make Your Central Heating More Efficient

One of the more important factors in keeping your home warm during the winter is making sure that the main source of your heat is working correctly. So, pay close attention to the heating vents, ensuring that nothing is covering or blocking them from spreading warmth throughout the room. Although you may need to move a bookshelf, the warmth will be worth it. Also, close off vents in rooms that don’t need heating, and when you can, keep doors closed to make rooms more insulated.

Let the Sunlight In

While your central heating system is going to be doing most of the heavy lifting this winter, the natural heat of the sun is at least one more source of warmth you can use. If any windows in your home get direct sunlight, make use of it! Keep your blinds drawn and curtains open during the day and keep them closed during the night to prevent warm air from escaping. Even if you have window kits installed over some of your windows, warmth from the sun can still penetrate the plastic.

Keep Yourself Warm

Ultimately, your home can do only so much, so it’s important to think about ways you can keep yourself warm. Layering up with the right clothes can do wonders for keeping you nice and toasty during the cold months, so stock up on those sweatshirts and wool socks. Also, drinking warm fluids throughout the day, like coffee and tea, will help keep your body temperature up. And when it’s time for bed, pile on the extra blankets, or even consider purchasing an electric blanket. The closer your heating source is, the more efficient it will be.

With the right combination of home (and body) warming tips, you’re sure to have a more comfortable winter. In fact, it might work so well that you’ll never want to leave. Also try to find solace in the fact that, just a few months from now, you’ll be trying to find ways to cool down!

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