Interesting Facts About Monroe Township/Williamstown

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Monroe Township is one of the most booming areas in all of New Jersey. With an increase in population of nearly 40% during the last decade, Monroe Township now ranks among the top 60 most populated areas in all of the state. However, because Monroe Township was built based on small town fundamentals, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll feel right at home whenever you’re around.

With a deep history that goes back nearly 200 years, plenty of interesting things have happened in Monroe Township throughout time. Here are some of the more interesting facts that you may not have known about Monroe Township, and maybe some that you did.

A Historic Township

There is no denying that Monroe Township is among those with the most historic value in the entire nation. History showed that Monroe Township was founded in 1838 in honor of James Monroe, the former President of the United States. What once started as a town that relied heavily on farming, Monroe Township has transformed many times throughout history. In the late 1960s, Monroe Township began transforming into a more suburban area in New Jersey. Today, it remains a heavily suburban part of New Jersey, as many families call Monroe Township home thanks to it’s friendly neighborhoods and accomplished school systems.

A Fit Community

One of the more popular residents to ever call Monroe Township home was Bernard Macfadden. Long before the popularity of Arnold Schwarzenegger spread to America, Macfadden was a big proponent and influencer of bodybuilding and physical fitness. Macfadden began developing a community based on his beliefs for fitness in 1905. Macfadden would later leave the community, though his impact is still remembered in Monroe Township.

A Tragic Day

One reason that Monroe Township is what it is today is because of the tough times that it has had to overcome in history. One of those times was when 10 residents of Monroe Township were killed on March 22, 2006. The untimely deaths came on a tour that was put on by the Jewish organization, B’nai B’rith, and was being held in the Andes Mountains. Though these people were likely on the adventure of a lifetime in the Andes Mountains, their deaths will always be remembered in the tight Monroe Township community where they are from.

A History Of Success

Monroe Township is also the birthplace of many successful people in American history as well. From former politicians to professional athletes, and a bit of everything in-between, Monroe Township has it all. Because the area is such a draw for many families in New Jersey, it should be no surprise the success of many people to come from this area. And with continuing development in Monroe Township, it’s certain that even more accomplished people will come out of this area.

Monroe Township is an area in New Jersey that has long been an influential part of history. Named after a former United States President, and the home of one of the fastest growing areas in the state, Monroe Township is certainly a gem in New Jersey.

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