How to Travel on a Budget

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You have so many places you want to visit, but your budget is tight. That doesn’t mean you can’t have great vacations. Go to all of your dream destinations by being savvy on how you travel. Here’s how to travel on a budget:

  1. how to travel on a budgetOff-Season Trips: Go on your big vacation during the off-season when the demand isn’t as high. You’ll find better rates and plenty of deals saving you hundreds of dollars. Most people don’t travel from Sept-Nov and Feb-May. The kids are usually in school, they have a routine at work, and they don’t think to take their vacations during that time. Think about where you want to go, and research when the popular months are, so you can plan to go when it’s less busy.
  2. Try Hostels: Hostels are truly one of the best ways to save large amounts of money while you travel. A nights stay could run you as low as $10 depending on where you are. You can opt to stay in a room with single sex or coed rooms. See how many beds come to a room. There can be anywhere from 4-10 beds to a room. You’ll need to bring a few things like a towel and soap because the hostel is bare bones.
  3. Off-The-Beaten Path Experience: The typical tourist excursions have jacked up prices because they know people will pay top dollar for it. Do a little more research into what you want to do, and make your adventure in the new place. If you aren’t sure of what to do, then you can always ask a native what their favorite things are about their city. Odds are, you’ll get a much more authentic experience of the city than the canned tourist tours.
  4. Eat Like A Local: Similar to the tourist traps, there are restaurants that you geared towards tourists as well. Do your best to avoid these and stick to the things that the locals do. Go to the nearby market, find dive bars, and eat on roadstand shops. Figure out what food they are known for, and have at least one meal with that dish.
  5. Travel Light: Save money by not checking a bag everywhere you go. Have a small book bag or duffle bag of essential items, and wear plenty of layers. It’ll not only save you money, but it’ll also save you the headache of lugging it around everywhere.
  6. Be Smart When Booking: While you are looking for your next vacation, be smart about how you research and book it. Our web browsers track your search history and will show you ads and rates depending on your recent searches. Clear your cache and cookies, and search for things in a private or incognito searches. That way you’ll see the best rates available. Also, another trick of the trade is to try to book and fly out on a Tuesday. This is the least traveled day, and usually the lowest prices are listed on this day.

The experiences you’ll have are much more important than material things. Push yourself to do new things and try new flavors when you are traveling. By living like a native, you’ll get to have a more genuine trip knowing that you really experienced the new city and culture.

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