How To Make Laundry Day More Efficient And Less Painful

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There’s no getting around it – laundry day is the worst. But no matter how bad it is, there’s no getting around the necessity to clean your clothes. So instead of letting laundry day control our calendar, hoping that the day will never come, let’s look at some ways to make things more enjoyable. After all, a streamlined and steady process will help you save time and energy on the most boring chore imaginable.

Here’s a look at how to make laundry day more efficient and less painful, which will come in useful for keeping those clothes in great shape.

Just Do It

Unless you plan on paying someone to do it for you, there’s no getting around the need to do laundry. Rather than avoiding it or doing it nonchalantly, put everything else aside and focus on the task at hand. In doing so, you’ll finish in a timely manner and ensure that you do a good job. Laundry day is unavailable, so just do it and get it done.

Add Storage To Your Laundry Room

Doing-LaundryYour laundry room setup will be indicative of your productivity. If you are disorganized and things are all over the place, chances are you will spend most of laundry day simply trying to find what you need. However, added storage will help you organize everything in place. Whether it’s a closet for seasonal towels, or a cupboard for detergent, having storage in your laundry room will help to organize everything else.

Have A Hanging Rack Readily Available

Spoiler alert: Not all of your clothing will be able to go in the dryer. So if you want to save your favorite wool sweater from shrinking, then you’ll want to hang it out. Keeping a hanging rack readily available will ensure that you properly hang your clothing, which will help to maintain the form. Without a hanging rack, you may end up wading things up as you try to transport them somewhere else. Avoid the wrinkles and other issues that’ll happen here, by instead having a hanging rack readily available.

Keep Things Separate

Throughout your week, keep your clothing separate once they are ready to be washed. This will help you streamline the process on laundry day. The few minutes that you’d otherwise spend separating lights from darks can now be used to speed up another part of the process, as every second counts during the laundry tasks.

Get Creative

Add artwork or other creative touches to your laundry room. One great idea here is to put up a chalkboard, which you can use to tally helpful laundry reminders. Another option might be a chore chart, as this will remind the entire family of their personal responsibilities. Cute artwork and other creative touches will turn your laundry room into an inviting space, rather than a dreary and unwelcoming area.

Laundry day can be the worst day of the week, there’s no doubt about it. However, if you streamline the process and maximize your efficiency, the chore doesn’t have to be nearly as dreary. Instead, consider these tips on how to make laundry day more efficient and less painful.

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