How to Keep A Bullet Journal

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Are you struggling to keep everything in your life straight? Things seem to come at us from every angle, and we never get a chance to sit down and focus on our goals as a person. The busy little daily things creep in and take over, pushing the important life goals out of the way. If this is you, then maybe a bullet journal is something that you need to start.

how to keep a bullet journalWhat Is a Bullet Journal?

There has been some confusion around the internet about what a bullet journal is exactly. Is it a to-do list, is it a diary, or is it a planner? The short answer is Yes. Yes, to all of it. It acts as a daily diary of things that you need to do or have done in a day, which include personal and work related topics. It’s a way to keep your life a little more organized without overthinking it.

Keeping a traditional diary focuses mainly on the personal side of things, and it requires story telling which can become taxing to carve out plenty time in the day to continuously write. It’s much easier to jot down a few blurbs of what is happening in the day with a short response next to it to keep track of how your daily life is moving. This style of writing will keep you motivated to keep using it. It’s not only about your ideas, but about the tasks and things that you need to remember every day. It’s a functional diary that is direct and to the point.

How To Start a Bullet Journal

You can use any journal and writing utensils to begin your bullet journal. You want to choose a journal that is small enough that you can take it with you, but large enough that you can write what you need in it. Before you get going, write down the calendar year with each date on a separate page. Then, as you go, write in what big goals you want to accomplish, important dates to remember, and things that you need to do day to day.

To show when you’ve completed the task, you make an “X” next to the action item instead of crossing it off. The purpose of keeping the bullet journal is so that you can look back over the course of a month or a year and see the progress that you’ve made. It’s difficult to see how far you’ve come if everything is marked out.

You can get creative and use different colored pens for specific areas in your life. If you’re working on fixing a bad habit, then keep all of your updates and to-do’s with that goal in one color. Likewise, keep all of your house chores in another color to help visually separate the things that you need to do in one easy shot. Write down birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special days in your book as well. It’s your one stop shop for everything that you need in life.

There’s something unique and therapeutic about the act of writing with pen and paper. Even if you do have the capability to do your bullet journal online, I’d encourage you to keep it analog. There’s a special personality and connection that we have to the handwritten word. You can write in the margins, make doodles, and personalize it in a way that you could never do online. Plus, it’s much easier to store and look back on years later.

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