How To Cook A Delicious Meal For One Person Only

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When you live on your own, it doesn’t seem to make sense to cook for yourself every night. After all, there is a whole of time and effort that goes into cooking a meal, and doing so for one often isn’t very appealing. However, consider how much more enjoyable cooking for one would be if you had a positive mindset to it. Not only would you be able to enjoy more food, but you’d also get some needed practice in the kitchen for when you have a family.

Here are some tips for cooking a delicious meal for one person only. Whether you are looking to expand your horizons or just improve your diet, these tips will help you look at food in a new way when cooking for one.

Know What You Like

Remember when you were a kid and mom used to make that disgusting meatloaf that you hated? Well, luckily you don’t have to worry about that anymore when you are the one that is cooking your own meals. In order to get you motivated to make your own delicious meals for one, learn to cook the things that you enjoy eating most. Even if it takes a bit of effort for you to make your favorite meal, it’ll be much more appealing to do so when the end product is a savory taste of something you love.

Woman-CookingMix It Up

Even though you now get to choose what you want to eat, you should still mix it up to ensure variety in your diet. You may love pizza or hamburgers, and these might be two easy options for you to cook on your own. However, eating the same things every day does not give you the nutrients you need for a complete diet. By mixing things up and learning to a cook a variety of meals, you will expand your palate and your cooking abilities.

Find Healthy Options

As touched on above, insert plenty of healthy options into your diet. But if you hate Brussels sprouts or carrots, then instead go with corn or broccoli if that’s more your taste. There are plenty of delicious healthy options out there that you can include in your meal for one.

Have A Plan

By having a plan, you’ll be able to avoid those nights where you settle on a bowl of cereal because you don’t think you have time to make anything else. Consider outlining a week, or even month, in advance for your food. This will help you eliminate time trying to find the perfect meal, while still filling your belly with something tasty every day.

Go Shopping

After you have that plan, put it to use and go shopping for food and other kitchen items. Like anything else, you need to be inspired to be in the kitchen. If you are lacking that inspiration, go shopping and pick up some things that will have you feeling much more eager to cook delicious meals for one.

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