House Skills That Kids Need That They Won’t Learn In School

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As the years have gone on, Home Economics has become a rarity in schools. These days, they don’t teach kids most of the daily chores that each home needs week after week. Prepare your kids to be successful adults by giving them chores to do around the house so that they know how to take care of their own home one day.

House Skills That Kids Need That They Won't Learn In School1. Laundry: With the invention of the washing machine, laundry has become less of a strenuous chore. Nonetheless, it’s still something that many young people don’t understand. Teach your child how to separate clothes into the darks and lights, how to read clothing tags, and how much soap to put in the machine. Show them the difference in water temperature, fabric softeners, and explain the dangers of overfilling the machine with clothing or detergent. Past that, also teach them which clothes can go into the dryer, and which need to be hung to dry.

2. Cooking: An alarming number of young adults don’t have any experience cooking. Going out to eat has become a more popular option than eating at home simply because we have less time to cook. Teach your kids how to get in the kitchen and prepare simple dishes for themselves. Explain the process of timing each food from the prep time down to the minute that it needs to be served so that everything comes out at once. Kids also need to know how to clean up after themselves in the kitchen. Let them clean a few pots and pans to gain experience.

3. Repairs: Kids should have a basic understanding of how to do simple repairs around the house. They should be able to hang a picture on a wall, unclog a drain or toilet, and use a screwdriver to do minor fixes on furniture. You want to have a child that will grow up to be a capable adult who doesn’t need to call on someone every time something doesn’t go right. Give them the know-how to solve their problems, and the wisdom to know when the issue is too big to handle.

4. Basic Cleaning: If you’ve never cleaned a bathroom before, then you won’t know what products to use or how often to do it. You don’t want to wait until the grime is visible. Teach your kids safe products to use, how much soap to use, and to be diligent about getting into the cracks and crevices for a bathroom that sparkles.

5. Buy Groceries: Give your kids the confidence to walk into a grocery store and walk through the aisles alone to buy what the family needs to make dinner. Show them how to compare brands and labels, how to do price matching, and where things are located in the store. Teach them the importance of sticking to a budget, which will show them the value of the food that they eat every day. It will help encourage them to waste less, and use the food that is currently in the house.

You’d be surprised to know the number of kids who go off to college without knowing how to do a load of laundry by themselves. By giving your child chores, you are giving them life skills that will help them be autonomous when they spread their wings and leave your home. It’ll teach them important life lessons that they can pass down to their children.

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