Great Gift Ideas for Mom This Mother’s Day

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It seems ironic, but oftentimes it can be most difficult to pick out gifts for people that we think we know the best. Sometimes the closest people in our lives are the hardest to shop for—and moms are no exception! They aren’t particularly picky or hard to shop for, but somehow our minds go blank when we’re forced to think of a great gift idea for a birthday or holiday. If you find yourself feeling the pressures of finding the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, then you’ll want to hear these great ideas.

1. Make something personal– At the end of the day, making your mom feel special and loved is about making her feel like you truly care for her. What better way to show you care than by pouring your heart and soul into a personalized, handmade masterpiece? There are plenty of DIY craft or Pinterest ideas out there with a quick Google search, but feel free to put your own spin on things, too. Better yet, set aside some time for the two of you to craft together, and then exchange gifts!

2. Custom bouquet– Yes, this does sound pretty cliché, but we don’t mean just picking up any old flowers from the local flower shop! Instead, make a custom arrangement filled with all of her favorite flowers or colors, and include a personalized message. Better yet, hand deliver them and put them in a nice decorative vase. You can add ribbons, sparkles, or pictures to make it even more personal. (Or, of course, you can always go the edible route and order some flowers made of her favorite foods!)

3. Stress kit– This is a great idea for those hardworking moms out there that just don’t seem to get a minute for themselves. (So, basically all moms.) Put together a one-and-done stress kit, filled with small stress-relievers like essential oils, candles, a face mask, a motivation journal, and other special treats she can enjoy after a long day.

4. Personalized perfume– There’s nothing more special than a unique scent designed specifically with her in mind. Choose between her favorite scents to create a unique combination of aromas that will make her smile. Many online fragrance companies allow you to pick the perfect blend of scents to create your own signature fragrance. Your mom will not only think the idea is super thoughtful, but she’ll have a gift that will last a long time and remind you of her each time she uses it.

5. Wine– If your mother is a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur, then your list of great gift ideas for her ends here! Find a fine wine and pair it with a set of wine glasses for the two of you to share.

6. Monogrammed everything– Want to make your mom feel like she’s royalty? Pick a pretty print with her favorite colors and order monogrammed towels to hang in her bathroom. You can also monogram pillow cases, robes, or slippers! Who doesn’t love relaxing around the house in some cute and comfy loungewear?

7. Mini garden– If your mom loves having fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices available to use for cooking, potpourri, or just decoration, then consider creating a special little garden for her, complete with garden tools and a pair of cute gloves. Gardens can be a lot of maintenance, so keep it simple, small, and easily manageable. If you want a garden that’s more about looks and even less about the care, then try a low-maintenance succulent or cacti garden (also known as a terrarium!). These are not only beautiful to look at, but they bring nature indoors and don’t require a lot of attention.


Shopping for mom on Mother’s Day can at first seem like quite the challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the perfect gift for your mom can be as easy as ordering a personalized gift, creating something unique with your hands, or giving her something she will remember for a long time to come. Do you have any other great gift ideas for moms this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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