Going on A Road Trip? Fun Games to Play in the Car

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Think back to all of the road trips that you went on as a kid. Rattle your brain to think of the ways that you kept yourself entertained so you didn’t constantly ask your parents if you were “there yet”. Encourage the family to play games with each other instead of everyone being individually connected to their electronics. Here are a few fun road trip games to play in the car:

  1. fun games to play in the carI Spy: It’s so simple, yet so engaging. Every age can understand how to play the game, and you can tailor it to be for younger kids or older kids. Parents, you’ll also have a good time when the kids turn comes around for you. You play with one person being “it.” They find something in the surrounding area that is visible, and then say, “I spy, with my little eye ___.” It can be something difficult, like the make of a vehicle, or it can be simple, like a color. The person who finds the object first, wins, and is then “it.”
  2. The Alphabet Game: This is great for younger kids who are still learning their letters. As you go down the road, you have to find the entire alphabet. The letters can be written on anything visible like street signs, billboards, or license plates. As you find the different letters, you point it out where it is and say the letter. The other players can not use that same identifier as their letter after it has been announced. The first one to make it to Z wins!
  3. 20 Questions: This is another great one for all ages. Adults and kids can play and everyone will have a great time. One person thinks of a person, and the other players have 20 questions to try to guess who the person is. All questions must have Yes or No answers. Start off broad with questions like, “Is it a boy?” If the answer is no, then the players assume it is a girl, etc. After each answer is given, the players have one chance to guess who the person is. Whoever guesses correctly, is then “it.” You can make it difficult by choosing someone like Dolly Parton, or you can make it easy for the kids by choosing a close friend or family member.
  4. Hangman: You’ll need a pen and paper for this game. The person who is “it” will think of a word that they want the other players to spell out. They write dashes for each letter that is present in the word, and a gallow for the wrong letters. Then the players take turns calling out letters. If the letter is in the word, then you’re in the clear, but if it’s not in the word, then a body part gets added to the gallow. If a complete stick figure is made, then the group loses. To guess the word, you have to wait for your turn to guess a letter. Before you guess a letter, you can try to figure out the word. Be careful! If you guess wrong, then it’ll be another body part on the gallow.

Keep your kids engaged while you are on the long road trips to keep the peace in the car. It’ll make the vacation much more enjoyable if everyone has a good time on the trip over and back. With simple games like these, you get the family to play with each other, get their brains to work, and get some good laughs in.

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