Get Out the Door Faster In the Morning With These Time-Saving Tips

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If you’re anything like me, then you aren’t a morning person. Getting out of the bed seems impossible at first, and then it’s the zombie walk around the house. Unfortunately, school and work aren’t going to change their schedules. To avoid being chronically late and stressed, use these tips to wake up later, and make it out the door faster.

  1. Pick out your clothes the night before. In the morning you’re still groggy and not thinking clearly. It’s not the best time of day to make creative decisions. To eliminate the extra time wasted staring at your closet, take five minutes the night before to think about what you’re going to wear. Pull out all of the articles of clothing, and lay them aside neatly. Once you’re up, you don’t have to think.

Or, you could take the Steve Jobs route, and have a closet full of the same outfit. Many great minds take this approach to eliminate making one more decision in their life. Function over fashion. If you’re in a highly visible position such as a sales representative, then this probably isn’t the best solution for you.

  1. Pack your lunch and have it in the fridge. Avoid the morning scramble in the kitchen by pre-packing a lunch. It’s easy to make an extra serving or two from dinner the night before and stick part of it in a tupperware for the next day. If you don’t enjoy eating the same thing twice, then take a few minutes at night to toss together something new in your lunch bag. Don’t forget to grab it on your way out the door!
  2. Program the coffee pot. After you pack your lunch, go ahead and get the coffee pot ready to brew for the morning. Set it to go off 10 minutes before you want to pour it, saving you another 15 minutes in the kitchen. Have your mug or tumbler out and ready to go after the coffee brews.
  3. Take a shower at night. It’s a great time saver to take your bath or shower the night before. Some folks like to use the shower as their way of waking up and getting the day started. If that’s the case, then do most of your scrubbing the night before. In the morning, you can jump in for a quick rinse and be on your way. I like to have my clothes that I picked out folded in the bathroom so I can immediately put them on after my rinse. Saves a few more minutes, and it makes you much warmer.
  4. Have grab-n-go breakfasts ready. Last, but not least, have some grab-n-go breakfast options ready. Try to find healthy options with granola and nut bars, fruit, or even make some eggs in a muffin tin. Choosing to start the day with a healthier breakfast, will help you stay full longer and give you more energy throughout the day.

Save yourself the time in the morning by doing what you can at night. Typically, you’ll be sharper at night and able to make decisions faster. Once everything is ready to go, then you can rest longer in the morning, and get out the door faster. You won’t have to worry if you got everything that you need, because it will already be packed away. Your stress will be gone, and you can enjoy your ride to work.

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