Fun Activities to Do In Winter

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Winter comes with its own fun set of activities to do, both indoor and outdoor. From baking treats to cruising down the slopes, winter is one of the best times of year. Keep the family active this year with some fun winter activities close to Pine Hill, NJ.


Outdoor Activities


  1. Skiing/Snowboarding/Tubing: Winter time means fun in the snow! There are two excellent mountain lodges nearby that can provide the whole family with plenty of fun. There is skiing and snowboarding for older, more advanced kids, as well as tubing which is fun at any age! The Campgaw Mountain requires tubers to be at least 42” tall and ride alone down the slope. Shawnee will allow tandem rides with mom or dad for smaller children. Both have a lift to ride back up the slope which is perfect for those little legs that can’t quite manage the climb. Visit both this season to find your favorite!
  2. Maple Sugaring: Take the kids out to one of these nearby nature reserves to learn about how we get maple syrup.  It’s an educational and tasty way to learn about this sweet treat! You can taste-test different varieties from the forest, and you could even go home with your own homemade bottle of syrup. You have to wait for the peak time for the trees to be ready for the syrup to be collected. Keep an eye on the forestry calendars to plan the perfect time to schedule your trip.
  1. Ice Skating: Ice skating is a traditional winter pastime that never gets old. You can join a league to put your hockey skills to the test, or you can relax and go at your own pace with public skating. It’s a great way to get in some exercise while enjoying the winter weather. There are three local rinks that offer skating and hockey lessons. Most have skates that are available for rent on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you plan on hitting the ice often, then it would be best to invest in a good pair of skates. Check out the following ice skating places near Pine Hill, NJ.

Indoor Activities


  1. Make Sparkle Snow: The kids will love this simple craft! It’s a fun way to bring the magical wonderland of fresh snow indoors. Before you get started, lay down a drop cloth for an easy clean up. Next, grab some large mixing bowls, a box of cornstarch, some shaving cream, and glitter. Pour the cornstarch into the mixing bowl, and start spraying the shaving cream into the mix. Have you kids roll up their sleeves and get to mixing! It’ll take a little bit of time to work the shaving cream into the cornstarch. Keep adding shaving cream until you like the consistency. Then, add in the glitter to bring that extra sparkle! If you want, you can also add in a few drops of peppermint extract to give your new creation a pleasant wintery scent. Have fun!
  2. Create Snow Globes: All kids love seeing the snow and glitter swirl and float around in a snow globe. Add a personal touch by making it yourself. Go to the dollar store and let your child pick out a small toy. Then, take a Mason jar, glitter, glycerine, and a heavy duty glue (gorilla glue/epoxy) to create your snow globe. First, put the adhesive on the bottom of your toy. Then place the toy in the center of the mason jar and hold in place with needle nose pliers until the glue is dry. Next, fill the jar up with water. Squirt in some glycerine to help the snow float, and add a pinch of glitter. Take the lid and put glue around the top, and screw on til it’s tight. Shake them up and share them with friends!


The holidays are almost here, but that doesn’t mean that the winter fun has to stop. You can use any of these ideas to keep the winter fun alive for the next few months. Staying active is one of the best ways to keep warm.

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