Fireworks Crafts for Kids

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When it comes to the 4th of July, what comes to mind? Barbecues? Sparklers? Red, white, and blue? The American flag? How about fireworks that light up the night sky?

Fireworks are definitely an important part of celebrating Independence Day. This tradition dates back to the very first celebration of Independence Day in 1777 when the skies were lit up to raise people’s spirits during the Revolutionary War.

Nowadays, kids love to watch the colorful displays at night and spend some time “oohing” and “aahing” over the elaborate exhibitions. But there’s no need to wait until nighttime to have some fun with fireworks. Let the kids try making some of these crafts for the 4th of July!

  • Firework Poppers: This cute project will have your kids making their very own fireworks poppers. They’ll decorate the outside and then fill the popper with anything patriotic – like confetti or shredded paper. If you’ve never purchased the poppers before – you can find them on eBay
  • Firework Salt Painting: With a few simple supplies, your children can make these salt paintings depicting fireworks. The fireworks look very vibrant on a black paper making it look like the night sky.
  • Shaving Cream Fireworks: Ready to let the kids get a little messy? Then head outside with your craft supplies and let them create shaving cream fireworks! Your kids will have a lot of fun making the fireworks out of shaving cream and transferring the image to paper for displaying on the refrigerator.
  • Q-Tip Fireworks: This is another cute craft your children can make with items you probably have around your home. The kids will design their own fireworks display by cutting Q-tips to different lengths, dipping the cotton swab in paint, and gluing to a piece of black construction paper.
  • Footprint Firework: Do you want to send the grandparents or other relatives a craft your toddler created? Then this one is perfect as it involves a cute little footprint! Put it in a frame or let them hang it on the refrigerator or bulletin board.
  • Cupcake Liner Fireworks: This is another easy craft that has the kids using cupcake liners to create their fireworks masterpieces. They can cut and color and then paste them to make a sweet little piece of art.
  • Paper Fireworks: With a few crafting supplies and some straws, the kids will love making these fireworks! They look almost like magic wands and are very patriotic!
  • Colored Rice Fireworks: In India, there is a folk art known as rangoli, which has people creating beautiful works of art on the floor with colored rice. Let your kids try this craft at home for Independence Day this year. They can make fireworks or the American flag – or anything they want!
  • Handprint Fireworks: This is another one that will have the kids getting a little messy, but that’s okay! When they create fireworks using their handprints, it will be all worth it!
  • Fireworks Headband: Would your kids like a headband to wear to show off their 4th of July spirit? This project will have them making their very own – so they can create one that they love!
  • Fireworks Ring: These fireworks rings will be perfect with the fireworks headbands! All you need are some tinsel stems or pipe cleaners, and you are all set.
  • Fireworks Crown: And, if the kids don’t like headbands – then make these crowns! Once again, all you need are some pipe cleaners and imagination.

Let the kids grab the art supplies this 4th of July and make some of these fireworks crafts! They’re super cute, patriotic, and fun to make!

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