Easter Crafts for Kids

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  • Markers – check. 
  • Glue – check.
  • Paint – check.
  • Construction paper – check.

Yes, it’s time to grab the craft supplies and get the kids off of the electronics and make some Easter crafts!

When the holidays roll around, it’s the perfect time to have the kids get creative. They can make some decorations for your home, send some off to family and friends, or you can set up a craft table on Easter Sunday to keep them entertained. And here are some craft ideas to get you started!

  • Easy Paper Bunny Craft: These three-dimensional paper bunnies would look great on your Easter table. And they’re really easy to make! While they’re shown here in pink and blue, they could be any color you want – and it would be easy to change up the size depending on the lengths of your strips of paper.
  • Lolly Pop Bunnies: A craft that involves candy? Yes! These Lolly Pop bunnies are made with Tootsie Pops – and they’re just adorable! You could easily use them as table favors – or let the kids make a bunch for their friends or classmates.
  • Footprint Bunny Photo Keepsake Craft: Are there family members you might not see for Easter? Then have the kids make this Footprint Bunny Photo Keepsake Craft and drop it in the mail to them. It’s a super cute craft – and you’ll make someone’s day when they open the mail to this!
  • Volcano Egg Dyeing: Egg dyeing is a must-do at Easter, but this Volcano Egg Dyeing is a different way to do it. The kids will love this craft/science experiment!
  • Handprint Lilies: Lilies are a common flower at Easter and these Handprint Lilies look a lot like the real ones. You only need some paper and pipe cleaners – and, of course, a cute little hand to trace! Make a bunch in different colors and you’ll have a pretty bouquet.
  • Mini Popsicle Stick Chicks: Baby chicks are definitely associated with spring and Easter and this will have the kids making some cute chicks from popsicle sticks. They’re bright yellow with some googly eyes – and if you add a magnet to the back they’ll look super on your refrigerator.
  • Shaving Cream Marbled Paper Easter Eggs: Looking for another way to decorate paper Easter eggs? Did you know you could dye them with shaving cream? The kids might get a little messy with this one – but it’s totally worth it to create that beautiful marble effect.
  • Egg Carton Flowers: Be sure to save those cardboard egg cartons and grab some paint to make this adorable craft. The kids can get as crazy as they’d like with their painting – and you can attach the flowers to some paper straws or pipe cleaners to make the stems.
  • Easter Bunny Headband Craft: This Easter Bunny Headband will be the perfect addition to those Easter outfits! And the free downloadable template makes it super easy!
  • Egg Carton Hatching Chicks: Here’s another craft centered on chicks – and this time they’re hatching! You’ll once again need some egg cartons – and a few yellow pompoms and googly eyes! (This is another craft that would make for great table favors!)
  • Jelly Bean Bracelets: Jelly beans are THE candy at Easter and these Jelly Bean Bracelets are easy to make – and to eat! Don’t be surprised if the kids eat the craft supplies during this project!
  • Easter Egg Suncatchers: These Easter Egg Suncatchers will look beautiful on your windows on a sunny day! And the black glue is definitely what makes them standout!

Whether your kids are budding little artists or just enjoy the occasional seasonal craft project, they’ll have fun making these for Easter!

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