Best Summer Jobs for Teens

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Summer break is one of the best times in a kids life. As they grow older, it can also be a great opportunity to start earning some extra spending cash. Teach your kids how to develop a strong work ethic, as well as give them the chance to manage their own money. They can save up to buy a car, pay for things they want, and help out with other expenses around the house. 

  1. lifeguardLifeguarding: It can be toasty, but it’s a high paying job, that can line your teen’s pockets. Your teen needs to be at least 15 years old, be able to swim 16 laps in the pool without stopping, and complete a lifeguard certification course. It takes a weekend to go through the course. At the end, they will take a competency test. Many local pools are searching for good help during the summer. Your teen does need to take the job seriously, but the plus side is that you can get a tan while getting paid! 
  2. Lawn Care: Lawn care needs explode during the warmer months. Your teen can go door to door to mow neighbors yards, or they can sign on with a company. There’s lots of local landscapers and lawn services that need seasonal help. They will learn the basics of cutting, edging, mulching, and fertilizing. Depending on the job, they might also help out with installing retaining walls, aerading, and planting new seedlings. It can be hot, but it pays very well. 
  3. Tutor: If your child is a natural bookworm, then they can find a job in teaching other kids what they know. The summer time is when other kids catch up on what they didn’t comprehend during the school year, as well as SAT/ACT prep. Depending on what grade and class you are tutoring, you can charge anywhere from $20-$30/hour session. Hang flyers around to gain your own clients, or find a afterschool education center to find consistent work. 
  4. Golf Caddy: You may not consider this one immediately, but it can open lots of door for you. It’s an opportunity to rub elbows with executives and other social-lites who might take an interest in your child. They may even have the chance to meet a few famous folks as well. It’s a physical and mental  job that requires them to lug around equipment, and know a few things about the game of golf. They need to keep the balls and clubs clean, and know a thing or two about the course to give useful advice when asked. 
  5. Youth Referee: Did your child grow up playing a sport? They can put their sports knowledge to use by working as a referee during kids games. If your child is intimately familiar with a sport or two, then it makes reffing a game easy. They can put their sports knowledge to use by working as a referee during kids games. They’ll take a short weekend course on how to be a referee, pass a test, and begin reffing games for younger children. They’ll need to be physically fit to keep up with the game, as well as have quick judgement skills to call tough plays. 

Teach your kids the value of the dollar. How far a few pennies will stretch, as well as how quickly it can slip through your fingers. Learning money basics now will save them money troubles in the future. It’s also important to learn how to communicate and put your all into the job that you are doing. Not everything is fun, but you can make it a good time with your positive attitude. 

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