The Best Malls in New Jersey

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With online shopping more convenient than ever, you might think there’s little reason to visit a brick-and-mortar store. That said, there are still good reasons to stop by the mall, especially if you’re window shopping or you want to get an idea of how a potential purchase looks in person. You’re in good luck in the Garden State, which supposedly has more malls than any other area in the world. So, if you want to go mall shopping, you’ve got plenty of choices! Here are some of the best New Jersey has to offer.

Westfield Garden State Plaza

Paramus’ Westfield Garden State Plaza certainly isn’t the biggest mall in America. That honor would go to King of Prussia Mall, which with an expansion in 2016 beat out the Mall of America as the largest mall in the United States. Still, at more than 2 million square feet, Westfield is certainly the largest mall in New Jersey, and it packs a lot of retail and entertainment into that space. Westfield is home to more than 300 shops that run the gamut from your standards to your more upscale shops. The mall also contains an AMC Theater. Just a word of warning: You might want to wear your walking shoes if you decide to visit!

Princeton Forrestal Village

If you’re going to be doing a little mall shopping, you’ll probably be doing so with a (very large) roof over your head. Not so at Princeton Forrestal Village, which is located, unsurprisingly, in Princeton. While you’re no doubt familiar with outdoor strip and outlet malls, Forrestal Village is quite different in its design, which finds inspiration in small-town America. The boutique shops and restaurants located in Forrestal Village are all found in a little town square, which comes complete with a water fountain. While you won’t find the largest selection of stores here, it’s worth checking out for the novelty alone.

Historic Smithville

Like Princeton Forrestal Village, Historic Smithville–the old-timey downtown area of Smithville–is less a traditional shopping mall and more of a rustic collection of stores and other attractions all tied together by cobblestone walkways. You won’t find an Old Navy or Sbarro here; rather, the shops are skewed toward the local and quaint, with businesses like The Leaky Cup offering pottery and The Missing Puzzle Piece devoting itself to custom jigsaw puzzles. There are nearly a hundred shops, along with other must-visits like a shooting gallery and antique arcade. “Charm” seems to be the name of the game in Smithville, so pay the town a visit if you and the family are looking for something a little different from your regular mall experience.

Menlo Park Mall

Obviously, the stores are the main attractions when it comes to shopping malls. But what about the food? Nothing beats a good meal of mall food after a long day of shopping, and while most establishments are going to have a selection of all your old favorites, Menlo Park might be worth visiting for the food alone. Rated number one for food by, Menlo Park Mall in Edison offers cuisine that appeals to all sorts of taste. Where else could you find sushi, cheesecake, Cuban, and wine – all in one place?


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