The Best Dog Breeds to Own If You Live in an Apartment

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Living in an apartment can be a lonely experience, so it helps to have roommate to keep you company – and we’re not necessarily talking about a human. If you’re considering making a dog a new part of your family, you’ll have to consider the space it inhabits. Not only will you need a breed that can handle a small space, but you’ll also need to be sure your dog is tight-lipped – no neighbor appreciates a barking dog. Some dog breeds are more apartment-friendly than others, and you’ll find that the following breeds are the best for your apartment.

Sit, Stay, Shih Tzu

The shih tzu is small, but don’t think that she doesn’t make up for it in her personality. These little lapdogs are long-haired, and while they shed, you don’t need to expect a hairy disaster in your home. They don’t mind being pampered, so consider your daily brushing sessions a little bonding time. Along with their kind temperament, shih tzus are very small in size, so they require little in way of food and supplies.

Keep It Regal WIth a French Bulldog

Don’t let the uptight appearance of this dog fool you – he’s actually quite a happy, though protective, dog. Bulldogs aren’t quite as vicious as you might think they are, and in fact, their barks (which are usually infrequent) are the scariest thing about them. It’s worth noting that, despite their small stature and short fur, they tend to become higher maintenance as they grow older and exhibit some health problems.

Snug as a Pug on a Rug

Like a cousin to the bulldog, the pug is another breed whose appearance defines its kind personality. They’re fairly docile, meaning that you won’t need to worry about your little buddy waking you – or your neighbors, for that matter. However, like the bulldog, the pug faces some health problems due to its odd shape. You’ll need to be sure to tend to his wrinkly face every day, making sure no dirt gets caught there or in his big, cute bug eyes.

Poodles: A Diverse Breed

Just like the other dogs on this list, poodles can be fairly low maintenance. While they are definitely happy to get out, stretch their legs, and run around a bit, they’re also just as happy to snuggle up and relax with you. Plus, they tend to shed only a little, and their curly hair is easy to sweep up. Interestingly, poodles themselves come in a variety of sizes: you’ve got the small toy breed, the slightly larger miniature breed, and the standard breech, which grows to about 70 pounds. Naturally, the size of the dog influences its temperament, so it might be worth spending a little time with a few different poodles before deciding to bring one home.

No matter which breed you end up choosing, you’re bound to fall in love with your dog. Just remember that, like any other living thing you care for, dogs are a big responsibility, and you’ll need to walk and feed your furry friend every day. If you do, you’ll find that you love for your dog will pay off in dividends for many years to come.

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