The Best Cars to Save Money on Gas

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There’s no two ways about it: cars are expensive, both up-front and in the long run. There’s little changing that, but at least you do have some options when it comes to fuel efficiency – one of the biggest factors in your ongoing vehicle costs, no matter what the price of gas is. Whether a new vehicle is on the horizon or you’re just getting a feel for the market, these cars will prove to be the best returns on your investment.

Toyota Prius

No list of fuel-efficient cars is complete without the Toyota Prius. While the uber-popular vehicle isn’t solely responsible for the boom in hybrids, nobody can deny the large role it played when it was first introduced about a decade ago. It’s still playing a large role, too. These days, a new Prius gets up to about 60 miles per gallon, which is just about the best among all non-electric vehicles. Plus, with the Prius’ long and successful history, it’s a popular car to buy used, meaning you’ll save even more money if you don’t mind a little wear and tear.

Hyundai Ioniq

Never heard of the Hyundai Ioniq? That’s not too surprising, given that this car is brand new to 2017. Hyundai’s answer to the Prius, the Ioniq gets about the same gas mileage as the Prius. And fuel efficiency isn’t the only area in which Hyundai is trying to one-up Toyota; the Ioniq boasts both interior and exterior materials made from eco-friendly materials like sugarcane and volcanic stone. Just as interesting is the options consumers will be able to choose from. The Ioniq will be available as a traditional hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and a fully electric car.

Chevy Volt

Before you begin thinking that Asia has cornered the market on cars with great fuel economy, Chevrolet comes to the rescue. The Chevy Volt, which is a plug-in hybrid, is described as “the electric car with a backup plan.” Clearly an electric car first, gasoline-powered car second, you can charge the Volt in 13 hours with a 120-volt cord or in less than five hours with a professionally-installed charging system. So, it that slight hassle worth it? At a 53-mile range and 106 MPGe (the miles per gallon equivalent), many drivers would very much say, “yes.”

Tesla Model S

For most folks, a plug-in hybrid like the Chevy Volt can prove to be a little impractical. If you don’t have access to an electrical source when you park your car overnight, you have to rely on a third-party charger to juice your vehicle up. And simply put, the charging station infrastructure just isn’t quite there yet. That said, if you, like many others across the country, can’t wait to get started with an electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S is the way to go. With a range of 200 to 300 miles and about 100 MPGe, the Tesla Model S is the poster child for electric cars at the moment. That comes at a price, though, to the tune of about $70,000. Thankfully, Tesla will be rolling out their more budget-friendly Model 3 later this year, going at a rate of around $35,000.

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