The Benefits of Wearing a Fitbit or Other Smart Watch

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When it comes to technology, everything around seems to be becoming smarter. Our phones, our TVs, and now our watches serve similar purposes as they used to, but with the added twist of being connected to the Internet, allowing for capabilities once only dreamed about. While wearable technology is still in its early days, if you haven’t yet jumped on the fitness band/smart watch wagon, now might be a good time to for these reasons.

There’s an Incentive to Stay Active

Perhaps the biggest selling feature of wearables–and especially fitness bands like the Fitbit and Misfit trackers–is that they give you that extra push to get out and get exercising. Not only can these devices count your steps like an old-fashioned pedometer, but they can also give you in-depth insights into other data points, like distances travelled and estimated calories lost. That means you can plan and stick to your fitness goals a bit easier. Plus, if you have friends that have compatible devices, you can compare your daily or weekly progress, which might just be the deciding factor on whether you go to the gym that day.

You Don’t Need to Carry Your Phone Everywhere

While a Fitbit is still a little limited in the information it can display on your wrist, more advanced wearables, like the Apple Watch and the Pebble Time, can do a lot more than flash notifications when you’ve reached your daily step count. Smart watches work almost like miniature phones for your wrist, complete with the same apps that you’d find on your smartphone, like Spotify and Runkeeper. While the small screen will limit the things you want to do on your smart watch (who would want to watch a movie on a watch?), the ability to quickly glance at your wrist is helpful in situations where you don’t want to pull your phone out of your pocket – think social situations or when you’re going on a run.

It’s Kind of Fashionable

Besides the utility of a smart watch, there’s one aspect that tends to get overlooked: the cool factor. While today’s fitness trackers and smart watches still leave a little to be desired in the looks department, one reason you may have for owning a device is the same reason you might have for owning a regular analog wristwatch – there’s an element of style to it. Unlike regular wrist watches, smart watches have the added benefit of customizable watch faces, meaning you can coordinate more closely with the rest of your wardrobe. As smart watches slim down and get better screens, you can expect to see them become an essential part of your outfit for the day.

Because these wearables are a fairly new technology, they still cost a pretty penny when you buy them new. However, we’re just getting to the point where, as new models make it to the market, older models are being discounted and sold second-hand, typically for under a hundred dollars. If you’re curious to see what fitness bands and smart watches are all about, give it a shot. You might just find that putting on your wearable every morning is as natural as putting on your shoes.

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