8 Games to Play in the Pool

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When it comes to summertime fun, you can take the kids to play mini-golf or ride their bikes. But on a hot day, there’s no better place to go than to the pool. Of course, your kids probably won’t be content just sitting in a float all day – they may want to play some games. Here are some games that you and the kids can play when you head to the pool to cool off this summer.

Sharks and Minnows

kids swimmingThis is essentially tag but in the pool. Designate one person to be the shark and put him in the center of the pool. He calls for all of the minnows to jump in the pool and make their way to the opposite end. Once everyone is in, he yells, “Shark Attack!” and tries to tag as many minnows as possible. If the shark tags you, you’re out. If a minnow makes it to the other side, it starts all over again.

Marco Polo

Yes, it may be one of the most annoying games that can be played in the pool (at least according to some parents), but it’s also a classic. One person closes her eyes and yells, “Marco.” The others respond, “Polo.”  “Marco” tries to find the other players (all with her eyes closed) and tag them. The “Polos” can move around and try to avoid “Marco” – but eventually, someone will be caught, and they can take on the role of caller.


Another classic pool game has pairs putting someone on their shoulders and then opposing teams trying to knock one another off. Be sure that you have plenty of space and are not near the edge of the pool to avoid injuries. Additionally, be sure to check pool rules to make sure this game is allowed.

Treasure Hunt

If you want your children to practice swimming to the bottom of the pool, there’s probably no faster way than to play a game of Treasure Hunt. Treasure Hunt is simple. Have all of the children get out of the pool and close their eyes. Meanwhile, you throw coins to the bottom of the pool. When you’re finished – have them dive in and retrieve the money. Be sure to know how much money you’re throwing in so you can ensure that it all gets recovered.

Beach Ball Race

This simple race has the kids swimming with a beach ball between their arms as they race to the opposite end of the pool. You can also do this as a relay race if there are lots of kids at the pool.

Splash Dance

Not really a game, but a good, ol’ fashioned dance party in the pool is always fun. Play some music and have the kids dance it out.

T-Shirt Relay

Pick up several adult XL t-shirts at your local discount store and get them wet. The kids then have to put on the wet t-shirt, swim to the opposite end of the pool and back, take off the wet t-shirt and hand it to the next person – who repeats the whole process. A very fun (and funny) relay race to watch!


If you have some clear, plastic water bottles (without the labels) fill them with water and drop them in the pool for the kids to find. This take on Treasure Hunt is fun and challenging – as the water bottles can be hard to spot.

This summer, try some of these fun pool games! Your kids will love them! And be sure to share any other pool games that your kids like to play.

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