7 Things You Need To Put In A Frame

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Is your apartment looking minimalist without meaning to be? You could be in need of some new decorations. Buying artwork can be costly, and it can be difficult to find something that speaks to you. Save your money, and use the things that you already have and love. Clean out your drawers to find all the little precious things that you stow away and put them on display.

  1. Old CD jackets: We love our music, and if you’re like me, then you still have your CD collection sitting in a box somewhere. Pull out your old cases and find your favorite bands or albums. Pull out the jackets, and arrange them in a picture collage frame to hang. It’s a fun way to remember the nostalgia of your glory days, back when music was “real” music. It’s a great addition to an office space or a man-cave area.
  2. Favorite Book Jackets: As physical books start to become replaced by e-books, our old book jackets are something to be treasured. Find your favorite old books, and pull off the jackets and put them in nice frames and arrange them in fun patterns on the wall. Book illustrators spend so much time on the artwork for their books. Use their innovation to decorate your apartment with some of your favorite literature.
  3. Treasured Notes: That special someone wrote you a lovely note, and it was so near and dear to your heart that you hung on to it. Don’t tuck it away in a drawer where you only see it once every so often. Put it on display in a nice frame to remind you every time you see it on your nightstand.
  4. Family Recipes: So many things are passed down from generation to generation. One of the most treasured things that families pass are time old traditions in recipes. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Grandma’s pumpkin pie. Even though no one makes it quite like she does, it’s a sweet memory to have her hand written recipe to decorate your kitchen.
  5. Wallpaper/Fabric: After redecorating your room, you may have used a signature wallpaper design or a focal fabric print. To keep that theme throughout the rest of the house, you can frame pieces of leftover wallpaper and fabric. This will carry the design to the other areas of the home, making everything come together.
  6. Foreign Money: After going on a big trip to a new country, you usually end up with a few stray dollars in their currency. There’s nothing that you can spend with those dollars, now that you aren’t in that country anymore, so it serves as a neat reminder of your fun trip. Most of the time, extra currency sits in drawers forgotten. Put your money on display by framing it, and let it serve as your souvenir.
  7. Pressed Flowers: Pressing flowers is a tried and true tradition of saving a precious moment. There are a few different methods that you can use to press your keepsake. After you have your flower ready, place it in a floating frame that doesn’t have any matting. Let nature do all the work for you in decorating your home. After you’ve pressed and hung your flower, you’ll have that memory to look at forever.

Your apartment will truly be a reflection of you once you put up all of your sweet memories on the wall. It will take your house and turn it into a warm home full of love. The best part is that it will cost you next to nothing to have a fully-decorated apartment.

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