5 Useful and Creative Ways to Use A Whiteboard In Your Apartment

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As you are designing your apartment, don’t forget to buy a whiteboard. It’s a simple tool, but extremely useful in the home. Find the right size for your area, and take advantage of the board’s versatility. Here are some of our favorite ways to use whiteboards in the home.

  1. fun chalkboardKeep A Chore List: Have a master chore list on a whiteboard to edit week by week. You can section off the board with strips of colored tape to keep the lines organized. Make squares to go day by day, or have smaller sections to make a grid like a spreadsheet. Assign tasks by different colored markers for each person, and write the chore(s) to accomplish each day. Once a chore is completed, you can erase or put a check mark beside it. You’ll have a well organized and happy home with your entire chore list in one easy to read place.
  2. Potty Training: As kids are learning how to use the bathroom, you can help them with a fun reward system. Put happy magnets up every time they don’t wet the bed, or when they make a successful trip to the bathroom. Your child can have fun seeing their favorite magnets when they do a good job, and you and your partner can better keep track of frequency of trips and your child’s progress.
  3. Tracking Pet Feedings: Keep a little whiteboard next to your pet’s bowl to keep track of when they were last fed and by whom. You don’t want to overfeed your pets, causing them to gain weight and have health issues, as well as cost you more money in pet food. Each time you fill their bowl, put a little mark on the board so your significant other or roommate knows not to feed your pet again until it’s time.
  4. Grocery List: Keep a running list of things that you need for the apartment by writing it on a whiteboard in the kitchen. Have it on the fridge, and as you run low on a product, write it on the board. Everyone in the household can write their needs on the list for the next grocery run. It’ll make sure that you never forget anything at the store, and it’ll save on paper.
  5. Sweet Notes Message Board: Sometimes you need something that serves no function other than being fun. Our days get filled with being busy, and through the shuffle, we can forget to tell the people that mean the most to us that we love them. Have a whiteboard to send sweet messages to everyone in the house to keep the positive energy alive. Let your kids know that you’re proud of them for the good grade on the test. Tell your husband something specific that you love about him. Write something funny so that everyone can have a laugh. The home isn’t complete without love.

Save a few extra dollars and trees by using a whiteboard instead of paper in your apartment. Have fun with colored markers and finding fun things to decorate your board with. It’ll be a great organization tool that everyone in the family can use.

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