5 Life Hacks For Surviving The Holidays

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The holidays are supposed to be easy – aren’t they? It seems like every year, more and more is expected from us around the holidays. Whether it’s the party of new friends you made this last year or shopping for the kids to make sure they get what they want, it can seem nearly impossible to add these expectations to our already overwhelming schedule. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to lighten the load and make your holidays more relaxing.

It’s time to take the final months of the year back. Here are 5 life hacks for surviving the holidays and getting you through the New Year.

Fill Your Schedule

Wait a minute, isn’t this the time of year for you to try and clean up that schedule? Well, yes. However, keep in mind that the holidays are the time of year for you to recharge your batteries around those you care for most. So while you may not enjoy going to those corporate functions with coworkers, use the holidays to fill your schedule with family events and get-togethers with those you love. A full schedule won’t seem nearly as hectic when you’re spending time with the people that mean the most to you.

Share Holiday Responsibilities

Christmas-LightsThe more you take on this holiday season, the more challenging it will be for you to relax. To cut down on the stress, share those holiday responsibilities with others. For example, you may offer to host Thanksgiving if someone else will take on Christmas. Don’t try to take it all on this holiday season and you’ll notice you have more time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Practice Cooking Beforehand

If you’ve never hosted a big holiday before, you’ll want to ensure that you get in plenty of practice with cooking beforehand. There’s nothing worse than having everyone show up for a special holiday, only to have the food be undercooked or prepared improperly. And for those that are worried that all that extra cooking will lead to massive amounts of leftovers…

Use Leftovers For Lunch At Work

One of the biggest troubles people have during the holidays is putting on weight. That’s likely because, on top of all of the heavy meals you’re eating with family and friends, you’re also still eating normally throughout the rest of week as well. However, it’s time to change things up during the holidays. Instead of overloading on additional food, use leftovers for lunch. Not only will this help you keep calories down and limit your diet, but it’ll also help to save money by cutting down on eating out.

Prepare Decorations With Next Year In Mind

As you go to pack everything away, think about how you can do so with next year in mind. For example, instead of completely stripping the tree, simply move it to a place out of sight. When next year rolls around, all you’ll have to do is pull it out of storage and it’ll be ready to go. You can do this with all of your holiday decorations, as putting them away with next year in mind will help to save you time.

Use these 5 life hacks for surviving the holidays and you’ll be ready for whatever comes next year.

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