3 Easy Day Trips from Williamstown, NJ

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Do you ever dream of just getting away? Do you like heading someplace different and exploring the area? If those things appeal to you, but you don’t have a lot of time to take off work or a ton of money for a huge trip then, perhaps, a day trip is the ideal way to go.

3 easy days trips from williamstown njDay trips are great because they are just that – a day-long trip. You get up in the morning, hop in your car (or perhaps another form of transportation) and head someplace to spend the day. Usually, it’s within a few hours of your home and, the best part, you get to come home at night in sleep in your own bed.

Here are three easy day trips you can make from Williamstown – all within approximately a 2-hour drive – with a few ideas of what you can do in each of these places.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

While Lancaster may have you thinking about farming and the Pennsylvania Dutch, don’t dismiss it right away. Lancaster makes for a great day trip. There are lots of fun things you can do here.

If you like craft beer, find a designated driver and do a craft beer tour in Lancaster. You can visit breweries like Wacker Brewing Company, Lancaster Brewing Company, Springhouse Brewing Company, and several others while visiting for the day. There are many breweries to choose from, so be sure to create a plan so you can be sure to hit your favorites.

If you like to be outside, head to Refreshing Mountain. Refreshing Mountain has ziplines, an elevated obstacle course, geocaching and much more. It’s a great place to bring the family and have fun outdoors.

Baltimore, Maryland

If you’re heading to Baltimore for the day, you are going to have to make some difficult decisions, as there are lots of things to do there!

If you are looking to take in some of the yummy food that Baltimore has to offer, while also getting a little history lesson, a food tour is a great way to go! Bite of Baltimore has an excellent walking food tour that will have you getting to know the area all while enjoying some good food and a tasty cocktail.

Of course, one of the best ways to see Baltimore is by boat. There are plenty of harbor cruises you can take that will allow you to sit back and relax while taking in the sites. If you’re searching for something just a bit different, then consider trying American Sailing Tours where you can take a ride on a schooner. They are only open from May to October, so keep that in mind when planning your day trip.

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Asbury Park is often referred to as “the coolest small town in America” for just that reason – it’s a cool place to hang out.

There are beaches and boardwalk if you are looking to spend some time here during the warmer weather. But, you can head to Asbury Park year-round and still have lots of fun.

If you’ve love things that are a little bit spooky and out of the ordinary, The Paranormal Museum may be right up your alley. They have a 60-minute guided tour that will show you the best of their collection. Definitely not your typical museum tour!

Pinball lovers will want to head to Silverball Museum Arcade. With over 180 working pinball machines, you can have hours of fun playing this classic game with your admission ticket. Be sure to bring your kids and introduce them to what might be considered one of the first arcade games.

The next time you have a free day and you are looking for something to do – try a day trip! These three different day trips can have you out of Williamstown in a couple of hours and exploring a new city, while still being home to sleep in your own bed at night.

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