New Movies Coming Out this Fall

The box offices have several must-see movies coming out this Fall. Make sure you don’t miss seeing them on the big screen! Here are the top 8 feature films that will have everyone running to grab the popcorn. It: Coming Out Friday, September 8, 2017 Get scared all over again with this film [...]

From Windowsill to Plate

Step Up Your Meals With Home Grown Herbs Everybody is going green, so why not take some of that greenery to your plate? Who wouldn’t want to serve a gourmet meal, and be able to top it off with, “All of the herbs come from my garden”? Your friends and family will light up in […]

Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

 If you’re like most people, and you’ve been trying to get in shape for the summer, to impress your ex, or just to feel better about yourself and get to a healthier version of you, then chances are you’ve tried every trick in the book. From changing your diet, to exercising more, to trying new [...]

2017 Must-Have Summer Gadgets

It’s no secret that technology makes our lives easy and fun—whether it’s providing navigation, monitoring our health, helping us connect with friends, or even just blasting some of our favorite music, technology can make even the most mundane of daily activities exciting and new again. And [...]

Learning Essential Oils Basics

  Essential oils—you’ve heard just about everybody on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds talking about it. Essential oils enthusiasts almost seem like a cult following; they’re constantly raving about the benefits of the oils and what they can do for your body. But what exactly [...]

Things To Do This Summer Near Williamstown, NJ

If you live near Williamstown, NJ there are plenty of things to do now that the warmer weather has arrived. Whether you like to enjoy the great outdoors, or prefer to spend an afternoon inside cooling off, there’s plenty to do around Williamstown! Here are the top 8 things to do in the [...]

Great Gift Ideas for Mom This Mother’s Day

It seems ironic, but oftentimes it can be most difficult to pick out gifts for people that we think we know the best. Sometimes the closest people in our lives are the hardest to shop for—and moms are no exception! They aren’t particularly picky or hard to shop for, but somehow our minds go [...]

What to Expect When Getting a New Pet

If you’re thinking about welcoming a new pet into your family, you’ve probably realized that there’s a lot of preparation involved in making sure the transition from store or shelter to home goes smoothly. You’ll have to make sure that you’ll be able to safely and confidently assess, handle, [...]

8 Unique Things About Living in New Jersey

It may seem like an exaggeration, but New Jersey, like most states, has its own unique culture and customs that bring together people of all backgrounds. Love it or hate it, but New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country, so it must be doing something right! Here are 10 [...]

What’s the History Behind April Fool’s Day?

Ah, April Fool’s Day: the one day of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable to call up your mom and tell her you’re expecting, or to wake up your roommate on a Saturday morning and convince them they’ve missed their midterm exam. We all have fond (or not-so-fond) memories of the first day in [...]

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